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Patented visualization technology of displaying actionable data to users.

  • Patients

    Intuitive displays designed to activate and engage patients in their healthcare, resulting in lower overall costs.

  • Providers

    Situational awareness at a glance though multi-dimenisional iconology reducing the cognitive load on the user.

  • Health Systems

    Universal EHR viewer combining disparate EHR and disparate systems into a singular, intuitive, icon-driven interface..

  • Payers

    Real-time Clinical, Claims, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Testing and CMS data with smart alerts measuring delivery and quality of services.


Visualizing Healthcare

Our Story

MediVu was founded by experts in work-flow process and visualization. After years of studying how to reduce the cognitive load on users and improve the ability to make tactical decisions based on multiple data points, a picture language of dynamic iconology was created. Through the use of these smart images, we can represent the complete state of decision data effectively and efficiently.

The ability to obtain situational awareness with a glance allows the user to process critical information without disrupting workflow, relate multiple data points and their importance into next-step decisions and integrate disparate data from various sources into a singular access point.

Our technology leverages the brain's ability to process images thousands of times faster than reading text and then retain that information three times longer than conventional learning methods. Through this process, we make critical information more actionable for decision making.

  • Studies have documented physicians' difficulty in efficiently locating critical patient information in EHR systems due to poor design.

    - Dr. Steven Stack, President-elect, AMA -
  • Better care coordination can lead to better quality of care and improved patient outcomes.

    - The Office of the National Coordinator
    of Health Information Technology (ONC) -
  • EHR vendors need to better manage the 'cognitive load' clinicians must bear when navigating the EHR systems.

    - Marc Probst, CIO at Intermountain Healthcare -

Our Team

Expertise in visualization, process management and healthcare


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